Welcome to My Blog

Here goes—and welcome! I’m thinking about this space as a kind of public diary, a record of the months leading up to the publication of my novel, Pigs (Red Hen Press, October 2019), but also a record of the things in the world that shape me as a writer. 

I’m dividing it into four loose categories that I’ll be posting pieces to every week or so. 

  • The first, Misadventures in Publishing, will be a way of letting you know what each new month brings in terms of Pigs. 
  • The second, Writing Prompts, is a log of places I’ve found inspiration from over the years that I’ve been writing, and suggestions if you want to try to use them as prompts for your own work. 
  • The third, Fact or Fiction?, comes out of the odd sense I’ve been having over the time since I finished Pigs that the absurdity of the world I created in the novel is quickly overlapping with the absurdity our own world is aspiring toward. I’ll use this section to track real world stories that could just as easily show up in the novel world of Pigs. 
  • Lastly, Recommendations. I’ve got lots to recommend: mostly books, but movies, too, and card games, and a particular chocolate cake that my daughter plans to make for her teachers this week—things that generally make life better. 

I’m excited to start. And I’m excited to share it with you. Please join me on my Facebook page to continue the discussion.