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Published by Red Hen Press
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Forthcoming October 2019

• Runner Up, Italo Calvino Award. Judge: Jonathan Lethem

• Recipient of Artist Trust’s Grants for Artists Projects [GAP] award

"Johanna Stoberock's second novel is a grotesque and luminous thriller with a big, swashbuckling allegory at its core, and Stoberock's own magic trick is to populate the island with characters sufficiently rich to elevate the novel far beyond parable or admonition. It's a beautiful book that I can't wait to reread." —Ted Scheinman, Pacific Standard

“Pigs reads like a parable or a Greek tragedy… Pithy, earthy language conveys complex truths… Devastating and hopeful, the book champions reform from the inside out.” –Mari Carlson, Foreword Reviews

“Expressive… a deeply strange take on our quickly developing environmental challenges that falls somewhere between Lord of the Flies [and] The Maze Runner… lyrical… An artfully written fable.” Kirkus Reviews

"A lyrical, enthralling, and dark-inflected allegory, equal parts Italo Calvino, Angela Carter, and Lord of the Flies." --Jonathan Lethem

"Powerful, metaphorical, as fantastical as it is true, Johanna Stoberock's Pigs is a masterpiece. Stoberock scrutinizes mankind's failure to tend to our planet, our children, and our fellow man, and the result is a terrifying, tremendous book, its darkness lit in unpredictable ways by campfires of compassion and hope. What a wise, searing novel for the 21st Century." --Sharma Shields

"Pigs looks unflinchingly at some of the scariest parts of our world--a changing climate, an ocean full of garbage and us, the fragile animals. Yet within this there is tremendous beauty and grace--Johanna Stoberock has written a love song to survival, to life itself." --Ramona Ausubel

Four children live on an island that is the repository for all the world’s garbage. Garbage arrives, the children sort it, and then they feed it to a herd of pigs. The pigs are beautiful, but fierce, with sharp teeth and insatiable appetites, and they eat anything. When a boy washes ashore in a barrel, the children must decide what to do with him—is he more of the world’s detritus, meant to be fed to the pigs, or is he one of them? The novel explores questions about community, environmental responsibility, and the possibility of innocence.

$16.95US | 978-1597090445 | October 1, 2019