Other Writing


Five Great Island Books that Reimagine The Tempest, Lit Hub, Oct., 2019

Sunshine Gothic, Vol.1 Brooklyn, Sept., 2019

At the Resort up the Road from the Beach of the Dead, The Antigonish Review, Summer 2018

Floating on Stone, Lilac City Fairy Tales, Winter 2018

Fields of Vision, Catamaran, Winter 2017

On Dalles Military Road, Jack Straw 20th Anniversary Anthology, Fall 2016

On Endings, Front Porch, Fall 2016

Little Ring, Little Ring, Stories from the Table, Winter 2016

Four Questions, Because You Asked Anthology, Fall 2015

Will Help Be Given? Better: Culture & Lit, Fall 2014; Best of the Net Anthology, Spring 2015

Mila is Growing Up Just Fine, Gander Press Review, Spring 2009

Short Fiction

Miriam and Clara, 1980, Spokesman-Review, Summer Stories, June 7, 2020

The Noise He Brought, Prick of the Spindle, Summer 2013

Shelter, Jack Straw Sound Pages, Spring 2012

Just Ahead, 100 Word Story, Fall 2011

Would Anything Be Different If We Turned Right? Copper Nickel, Summer 2011

The Twelve Dancing Princes, Mad Road Anthology, Summer 2011

The Strange Case of Ingrid P., Eclipse, Summer 2011, Reprinted in Psychopomp Magazine, Spring 2019

The Field, Arcadia, Spring 2010